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T Mobile phones - right now this company is very aggressive and offering some of the best plans around at great prices.

Cingular wireless lets you rollover minutes from month to month, it's a great new concept who's time has come, if you use a lot of minutes.T
hese phones tend to work where others won't like basement apartments and parking garages. Be sure to have a look.

Nextel is a wireless phone company worth looking into. However, be sure to check their coverage map before buying.

Verizon is the largest carrier in the US, and they consistently rank among the best for most services.

Cricket wireless represents one of the simplest solutions anywhere. They offer unlimited local calls and they have a nice flat rate long distance option. If you've heard the Cricket commercials then you know this carrier is available in your area. Click on the link above to check them out.

Sprint PCS wireless can be a good deal especially to the person with less than perfect credit.

Looking for the Top Selling Phone? Right now it is: Nokia 3360. This phone is all about fun, form, and function. You can customize this phone with snap-on face plates, screen savers and ring tones. Plus, you will find many other phones all listed by manufacture: Nokia, Panasonic, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

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Your site is so easy to use, I could compare phones and calling plans all in one place, so I found the phone I wanted in minutes instead of hours. Plus, I was really impressed with how fast I actually received my phone. Now all my friends are asking for the name of your web site.

Thanks! Scott B. UT

Tips for buying a wireless phone online.

A secure site is a must. Always look for a closed "padlock" on the bottom left hand corner of you browser window before you enter any personal information.

Make sure the site is easy to understand and get around. If they can't get their web site right how can they be expected to get your order right?

The company you buy from should offer support by email and have a toll free phone number. (You never know when you will need to talk to a real person.)

Make sure you fully understand the wireless phone plan's terms and conditions before you buy, as most phone plans have an early cancellation fee.

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